Hello Developers,

The Selfie Buzz API Platform can be used to build non-automated, authentic, high-quality apps and services that: Help individuals share their own content with 3rd party apps. Help brands and advertisers understand, manage their audience and media rights. Help broadcasters and publishers discover content, get digital rights to media, and share media with proper attribution.

Getting Started :

Before you start using the API Platform, we have a few guidelines that we'd like to tell you about. Please make sure to read the full Platform Policy. Here's what you'll read about:

Selfie Buzz users own their media. It's your responsibility to make sure that you respect that right. You cannot replicate the core user experience of the Selfie Buzz apps or web site. For example, do not build a media viewer.

You cannot use the API Platform to crawl or store users' media without their express consent. Do not abuse the API Platform, automate requests, or encourage unauthentic behaviour. This will get your access turned off.

Login Permissions (Scopes)

The OAuth 2.0 specification allows you to specify the scope of the access you are requesting from the user. All approved apps have basic access by default, but if you plan on asking for extended access such as reading public content, liking, commenting, or managing friendships, you will need to specify these scopes in your authorization request. Note that in order to use these extended permissions, you must first submit your app for review. Here are the scopes we currently support:

  • Login - Login to the user's SelfieBuzz account.
  • Public Selfie - To access public selfies of other users.

  • You should only request the scope you need at the time of authorization. If in the future you require additional scope, you may direct the user to the authorization URL with that additional scope to be granted. If you attempt to perform a request with an access token that is not authorized for that scope, you will receive an OAuthPermissionsException API error message.

    End points :


    Once you've registered your client it's easy to start requesting data from In SelfieBuzz.

    All endpoints are only accessible via https and are located at api.selfiebuzz.org. For instance: you can login by using the following API:


    method :


    parameters :

    email    : 
    password : 


      "info": {
    "status": 1,
    "message": "success"
    "results": {
    "token": {
    "uid": "xxx",
    "token": "3D1Eig-xXQML%bOn"
    "profile": {
    "uid": "xxx",
    "fname": "user",
    "lname": "name",
    "pname": "username",
    "email": "username@gmail.com",
    "profile_photo": "xxx-avatar.jpg",
    "cover_photo": "xxx-header.jpg" }

    2.Home Page:

    You can access home page and retrieve photos with a given hash tag by accessing the following URL with your token (replace token with your own):


    method :


    parameters :

     token :